Distribution box scheme

Our DB series are widely used in distribution boxes and grid cabinets.
DB1 is pan assembly busbar, the incoming line is a 3P MCCB and outgoing line are MCB. We have a dekra certificate for this product.

DB2 is a high -current pan assembly busbar, incoming line and the outgoing line all are MCCB, and the maximum voltage can reach 400A.

Once customer has asked us for DB2 1200A. According to the market demand, we will continue to update and improve the DB series products in the future.

We believe that technology is the primary productive force. Through the improvement of molds and production equipment, we can bring customers cheap and high-quality products.

One thing to pay special attention to is that we do not produce the distribution box shell ourselves. If the customer has demand, we can also provide the supply of the entire distribution box, from design to proofing, not just a single product.

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